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993 heads

See all 3 photos. Some cynic once asked, "How can we miss you if you won't go away? Every time we think we've come to the end of the Mouse motor saga, another good idea crops up, and we're back beating on this little small block Chevy engine on the dyno. While declaring a "winner" based on a simple nod to peak horsepower would be the quick and easy story, we planned to do more than just flog the obvious and call it a day.

Instead, for our Best Small Block Chevy Heads, we have dyno curves, average power comparisons, and even dollar-per-average-horsepower evaluations. We'll give you a thumbnail of each cylinder head and then show you the dyno numbers. With this broad of a selection, the only hassle might be choosing the best pair of heads.

But the good news is that you will have plenty of information.

993 heads

Most of these small block Chevy heads offer a power increase of around 40 hp, and even the iron Vortec heads were worth 20 hp over stock. The two best small block Chevy heads in terms of peak horsepower were worth more than 60 hp. But, as you'll see, there's much more to the story, so read on. The first thing we needed was a small block Chevy engine on which to evaluate power.

Since this was a low-buck cylinder head test, we decided to use our budget small block Slayer engine from the May and June issues "Saturday Night Slayer" and "How to Run 11s". The engine began life as a Goodwrench crate engine that we pumped up with a mild Summit Racing hydraulic flat-tappet camshaft and then abused with a hp nitrous hit. The cam and nitrous were worth a whopping hp, and nothing hit the floor!

Not satisfied, we yanked it apart, added a set of Federal-Mogul forged flat-top pistons and iron Vortec heads, and dropped this package into our Orange Peel '66 Chevelle.

That combination ran As you'll see, the Vortec heads combination was worth barely hp, and the top five small block Chevy heads we tested would easily push the Chevelle into the mids without much difficulty. We pulled the engine out of the Chevelle and stuck it on the dyno, still with the Summit flat-tappet cam and the Scoggin-Dickeymodified Vortec heads. Since most of these small block Chevy heads would benefit from additional lift, we also added a set of Harland Sharp 1.

While some of the heads offer good flow at 0. That would have required a roller cam, which we decided against because more than half of the field would have required a valvespring change.

As it was, we were forced to use 1.Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the RacingJunk. Classifieds Engine Parts Heads. Featured Ads View All. Advanced Search. Brodix Heads - Intakes Filter By:. Has photos. Sort By:.

My truck has 993 heads on a 350 v8 are they any good?

All Ads Private Sellers Dealers. Heads in good shape can be bolted on and used. Heat riser was filled and mild porting done. Free Shipping These heads are in stock, ready to ship after assembly!

Competition valve job, work done by Midwest Engine Tech, lbs on the seat, set up for solid roller cam, with Light surface rust.

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No valves completely bare. Page 1 of Go to Page:. Heads listings near Los Angeles, CA 11 listings. Heads listings near Chicago, IL 34 listings. Heads listings near Houston, TX 9 listings.Its an 85 silverado 2wd. It has a Target master crate engine that was popular in th late 90s.

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My book on small blocks say that target master engines were very good crate engines and that they had heavy cast heads and thats it. Im going to biuld the engine and was wondering if I should modify them or replace them.

The engine is a 4bolt main with a 4bblQjet with 30k miles on it. It runs very strong like it is. Just want a little more.

Your heads are 75cc chamber, small valve, center bolt heads.

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There is no point in doing any work on the casting heads. Aftermarket cast iron heads have gotten so inexpensive in the past few years, it's really not even worth doing work on the best GM castings,etc.

If you really just want a little more, you could probably get by with keeping the heads and swapping in a little more performance oriented cam, but if you want major h. Id try to reuse them, and get a 3way valve job, and some porting Trending News.

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All eyes are on Disney World following its reopening. Trump turns focus to Obama after coronavirus question.The first generation that started it all inremained in effect untilwhen the second generation LT1 was released. The second-generation engine featured aluminum heads, reverse-flow cooling the heads received coolant first, in lieu of the blockand electronic controls. Then, inthe third-generation small block was released. Inthe ci engine in the Corvette was the first small block to offer a 4-inch bore.

The cylinder heads on top of that engine were the now-famous double-hump heads. Are any of these worth a performance rebuild? If you know what to look for, you could find an uncut diamond waiting to be polished. LT1 cylinder head, casting number DOHC valve, aluminum, passenger-side.

DOHC valve, aluminum, driver-side. Used on LT1. Aluminum with 53cc chambers, angle plugs, reverse-flow cooling, cc intake ports, 68cc exhaust ports. DOHC valve, driver-side, aluminum.

DOHC valve, passenger-side, aluminum. Aluminum, reverse-flow cooling, cc intake ports, 68cc exhaust ports. Used on LT1 and L Cast-iron, reverse-flow cooling. Used on LT4. Aluminum, reverse-flow cooling, cc intake ports, 54cc chamber, angle plugs. One thing to keep in mind, the Gen-1 and LT-specific heads are not easily interchangeable. The exhaust ports and exhaust manifold-bolt holes are in the same location. The intake manifold is proprietary to the LT1.

However, a standard small-block Chevy intake can be modified to work. All LT1 engines use center-bolt valve covers.Always clean and maintained. Has great restaurants around the neighbourhood.

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993 heads

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Engine Components-911/964/993 Ported Billet Aluminum Heads 1972-98

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993 heads

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993 heads

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