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Anet a8 z offset

Auto bed leveling marlin - Z probe offset does nothing? Posted by McSquid. Hi all, I have recently setup my Z probe and got G29 working correctly, It compensates for an unlevel bed I can see Z changing however, I cannot seem to get the Z probe offset set correctly. I measured the offset to. It is as if this setting is being ignored completely. I have run M followed by M in hopes of pulling this from firmware to eeprom and nothing changes.

I'm running out of ideas, figured Id post here before wiping my firmware and starting from scratch. Thanks in advance Reply Quote. Check if you've got the eeprom enabled in configuration. Also note that the sensor may have a hysteresis, the trigger depth may be different from the release point, set the z offset with a sheet of normal printer paper after g Reply Quote.

I had been making all these offset changes in firmware and uploading it each time. I had not even heard of M before in all my searches about this topic. Forgive the newbish question, but where in marlin can I find the version number? You were correct in that the eeprom was not enabled.

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I have now enabled it. However the z offset is still not present on m and setting it with M then m still does not seem to do anything. My LCD says my firmware is 1. Upon looking at the marlin site it seems a release candidate is in testing so Id rather wait to update firmware until that is ready. If I have to disable it until I can update firmware I suppose that would be ok. Eeprom is like flash memory, it indeed does survive a power cycle, if you use the store command.

I usually use the lcd menu: control, motion, z offset. It should be there. Remember to store the settings in the control menu. Thanks so much for the location in the LCD menu. In there I can verify that my Z offset is set. However, when I try to change it It won't go below 0. I had recently been trying to make. When I set it with M it echoed that the min was -5 and the max was 15, This may have actually said or meant. I'm going to adjust the probe to trigger around. I will report back.

Thanks for all the help! Mine is I had to increase the value to lower the nozzle.Hi, today I installed my AutoLevel and everything went well except I'm totally confused when it comes to the offset part. I'm using the official Documention fyi. When it comes to the G30 X Y part. I get an Z Offset of 9. Which, while I was following the tutorial blindy, hammered my nozzle directly in the Bed.

I now manually set an offset of Could someone please enlighten me on how to do it correctly? I had similar issues.

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Tne documentation assumes a position, afaik. Also the height must be set up depending on where your sensor is.

AutoLeveling Offset Confusion

I remeber there are few tutorials on the web. I'm happy that it prints and that my assumed offset seem to be right maybe too right because now I have really a hard time getting the print of the heatbed ; but normally I like to understand things completly :. You aren't alone. I installed my sensor and SkyNet3D yesterday. I have run through the documentation and set my Z offset.

The sensor triggers properly if I test using M I have run M48 at multiple locations and confirmed that the sensor is triggering properly and reading are not varying significantly between probes. Everything appears to be correct; however, whenever I print the nozzle bed crashed after performing the auto-level procedure.

I think it's just badly confusingly written documented. When my sensor is 1mm above my nozzle and triggers their why should I have an offset of My offset is 0 or 0. So I set it to You need to read out the printer message to get the Z offset, not Z height from printer's display. After measuring the setup independently with the use of some batteries I daisy-chained in series, it turned out that I didn't solder my voltage divider correctly.

Better make sure it's responding as it should before mounting the part. Also check if it's sensing using pronterface or Repetier-Host. Also make sure that the bed levelling is actually uncommented in your firmware. Yes it does. It's all nice and shiny. It stops correctly, after homing Z. Send M Z Step I had this running perfectly yesterday, but today not so good.

Something has always puzzled me, I will describe where I am, and perhaps someone should tell me where I need to be? Ok, I am using Pronterface and Cura. I tried Slicr but it didn't give good results. Yesterday Cura gave me what I was looking for. I have disabled the 'use integrated Slicr' in Pronterface. All slicing is done via Cura. The Gcode file is then loaded in Pronterface.

anet a8 z offset

Ok, the confusing bit. On the screen where the plater is displayed in Pronterface, there is a 'bed'. By changing the Z Offset in Pronterface to '0' I can get the model to sit flat on the bed. On the Pronterface interface, I home the printer. Lower the hotend until it touches a sheet of A4 paper. M to get the Z position. M to send the Z position to the printer. I cannot get that 'perfect height' for the hotend.

It is either too high, or too low, never absolutely spot on. The reason this question arose was because I was printing a very small item, and was only getting the top half printed. Looking at the platen display, it was sunk into it, but adjusting the Z Offset in Pronterface started causing problems.

Can anyone assist, this is driving me crazy?? Many thanks Rob Reply Quote.The only tool required is a piece of paper or a feeler gauge. MBL uses the mesh to compensate for variations in height across the bed.

anet a8 z offset

G28 disables bed leveling. Marlin 2. Manually modify a single point with X Y Z parameters.

anet a8 z offset

See also M Marlin 1. Use G29 S1 to move to the first point for Z adjustment. Adjust Z so a piece of paper can just pass under the nozzle. Use G29 S2 to save the Z value and move to the next point. Repeat steps until completed. Wait for Homing XYZ to complete. When Click to Begin appears, press the controller button to move to the first point. Use the controller wheel to adjust Z so that a piece of paper can just pass under the nozzle.

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Press the controller button to save the Z value and move to the next point. Related codes M M S1 : Start probing mesh points. S2 : Probe the next mesh point. S3 : Manually modify a single point with X Y Z parameters.

S4 : Set a global Z offset. Positive values are away from the bed; negative values are closer. S5 : Reset and disable mesh. S0 : Produce a mesh report see examples below.

anet a8 z offset

With S3the new mesh Z value.How can I do this? OK the simple part to the answer is that yes you can, use the G92 command in your start gcode, e. G92 Z The more difficult part is what do YOU set the Z position to? In the above gcode statement we need to understand that.

The Z height for my printer is If I had used G92 Z then the printer bed would rise right up to the nozzle but let us say 1mm short of the nozzle if that is the gap that I introduced during the levelling process. So why is it Firstly because my printer bed has a glass plate on top of it and when I do the levelling I remove the glass plate and so I have to take that into account, otherwise the glass plate will be driven into the nozzle. So where does the 0.

That is my fine tuning which puts the glass plate 0. So if like you I needed an extra 0. BUT you need to be careful, your printer and firmware may not work the same as my printer. There are two considerations. Firstly if you have a plate. Hopefully your printer instructions will give you details on this. Secondly which way around is your Z axis homing. Does Z0 move your bed to the bottom of the printer as mine does, or is it the other way around? On my printer, which uses Repetier Host, I can send a line of gcode direct to the printer which makes this stuff very easy to test.

If you do not have this capability then I guess you will just need to start a. What you do not want to do is ram your bed or plate into the nozzle so take it carefully. Thanks for the detailed info!.

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Thank you! Search In. Recommended Posts. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. If you do not have this capability then I guess you will just need to start a print and then cancel it once the bed has been fully raised to start the printing.

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Z Offset Pronterface & Cura

Sign in to your account. Desperately need guidance on configuration of the autobed level sensor. I have followed most guides and videos and cannot get this right. To make it worse when I select autobed level from the LCD it crashes into the board because the probe is off.

Probably need to adjust those margins too. Can anyone help me figure this all out? Here is the Probe holder. A word of caution though, don't take the part designer's word for the probe offsets, measure them yourself to confirm them. If they're out by mm they will screw up your levelling. I did try this and the auto home was very far off. Thanks again. This is intentional, and best left that way. I have attached the zip file.

Margin issue? How do I step and set the probe to the middle of the build plate? These videos helped out a ton. Thank you. However, my Auto home and auto probing are still skittles off.I was building my first 3D printer all night, and in the morning it was finally ready to move. So, the first thing I noticed is that the home position is way off the heated bed. Is that normal?

I would think this way I will not be able to use all the available place on the hotbed? Can I set the home position manualy? In order to have my prints in the center of the bed. I made stops for both the X and Y switches. Or you can move the switches. X Y and Z zeros are set by the switches they are called either stop, limit or reference switches depending on who you talk to. Why all that fuss while you can determine the center of the bed quite easily without printing helper sticks.

When your bed center is calibrated correctly, and your slicer settings are correct, a model sliced in the middle of the bed should print in the middle of the bed. The problem here is the calibration it is easy to determine to see if you are printing in the center just print a cube and measure to the edge of the bed. If the cube is off center how to correct, with a firmware change a switch relocation. I am a retired cnc machinist and have worked with cnc machines for over 20 years. The zero reference for the axis of a anet a8 are Z almost touching the bed X and Y front left corner.

By relocating the switches in the proper position the cube will print in the center of the bed. It is a common practice to relocate the Z stop position to the proper height. The other switches can be relocated to achieve the proper bed center. You can print a small cube in the matter of a few minutes. If you don't have a clean copy of the firmware and do not understand how to edit firmware you could create a problem for yourself moving the switches is a simple thing to do.

The I have 2 printers and the new anet a8 the y axis was of 13mm that is a lot. Relocation of the switches also works, it is not my preferred solution, but the best solution if you don't or can't change software firmware. I understand your point. If you are comfortable with changing firmware it is not a problem. But if you are not familiar with how firmware works, you can cause yourself a lot of problems trying to get your printer to print again.

Install glass bed on Anet 3d printer, set Z-offset, and auto-level bed

As you know you can't just edit the firmware that came loaded on the board when you bought your printer. I was just trying to find a solution that most anyone can use and would not cause a big problem for someone if they did not do it correctly.

Just move the switch or change the stop a small amount at first to see what happens. In the same manner as you do with the Z stop. I understand what you are saying you can change the center either electronically or mechanically each person must make the choice for themselves. The origin is in the center of the bed.