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Here are some hard numbers that should demonstrate how virtually identical these powders really are. Laurie also checked load manuals to see how listed charge weights varied for the two propellants. Laurie concluded there was very little difference between Norma B and Reloder Norma B vs. Alliant Reloder 15 Commentary by Laurie Holland. The charge required to achieve 62, psi estimated pressure varies by a mere 0.

Maximum charges and claimed MVs are not always identical, but are so close as to be marginally different production lots of the same thing, or maybe the result of minor testing variations.

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MVs [for the four bullet types] are close but not identical, the largest difference being for the s which shows RL15 producing 2, fps MV v 2, for Norma B. For comparison, the 7. Share the post "Alliant Reloder 15 Vs. If you need a quality, slow burn-rate powder suitable for large-capacity cartridges, check out Winchester WXR powder.

Production of WXR has been discontinued, but quantities are still available. Winchester WXR is a Swedish-made, double-base, slow-burning extruded propellant used in larger-size cartridges. WXR is an excellent choice for the.

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In tests with a. RL22 report. In the. It chronographs nearly identical to Reloder 22, so keep that in mind when working up loads with it. Remember powder can vary slightly from lot to lot, so start low and work your way up.

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Burn rates faster to slower : H Hodgdon Innovative, creative, visionary, new thinking. Nobel was always ahead of his time, a unique man who changed the world. Surrounded by his spirit of innovation, we continue to develop and manufacture the highest quality of propellant, in the very same location where Nobel once built his laboratory. Like our founder, we too strive to be the best, to look forward and to be the one that leads the way….

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Our products are qualified and used by many well-known security and armed forces around the globe. Enthusiasts and professional shooters also love our powders for their extreme lot-to-lot consistency and flowability, making reloading easy. The grain geometry and composition for each propellant type is designed to meet the required characteristics for the chosen application, including excellent chemical and ballistic stability.

When customizing, our ambition is to develop propellants that create the right pressure, maximize velocity and optimize temperature independence, helping you make unique ammunition with exceptional accuracy and performance.

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Our quality and ballistic performance meet the strict requirements from both civilian and military customers. Minimal barrel wear combined with superior velocity, accuracy and consistency are the reasons why we are the preferred partner of our customers.

Now our team of experts have taken huge steps forward in propellant performance and have developed TempZero TZa totally new family of propellants with temperature independence.

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Bofors Powders TM. TempZero TZ - trusted by the best, in all temperatures Now our team of experts have taken huge steps forward in propellant performance and have developed TempZero TZa totally new family of propellants with temperature independence.Is this available on the surplus market? So can anyone tell me the buring rate of this powder as compared to commercially available powders?

R-1 Norma 2. N, Vihtavuori 3. Bullseye, Alliant 4. N, Vihtavuori 5. SoloAccurate 6. Clays, Hodgdon 7. Red Dot, Alliant 8. N, Vihtavuori 9. N, Vihtavuori Green Dot, Alliant International, Hodgdon HP, Hodgdon W, Winchester PB, IMR Unique, Alliant WSL, Winchester Power Pistol, Alliant Universal, Hodgdon SR, IMR WAA, Winchester Herco, Alliant WSF, Winchester HS-6, Hodgdon WAP, Winchester HS-7, Hodgdon Blue Dot, Alliant R, Norma H, Hodgdon XMP, Accurate AAC, Accurate N, Norma XMR, Accurate Reloader 7, Alliant Benchmark 1, Hodgdon Benchmark 2, Hodgdon Remember Me?

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bofors powder

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Bofors RP3 surplus powder? I'm sure that this is bit of a long shot, but does anyone on here have any experience with surplus military Bofors manufactured Sweden RP3 powder? I've been told that it was sold as a surplus military powder originally loaded in 7. But of course I realize that performance and pressures with any smokeless powder can vary with differences in the volumes of cartridge cases. Reasonable quantities of it were sold locally about 40 years ago and the long range.

Sportco's, converted No. If not then I guess I'll let you know how I make out! I may have passed my "Best Before" date, but I haven't reached my "Expiry" date! Well, it looks like I'm on my own on this one. Over 70 views and nobody seems to have any experience with this old surplus Swedish powder?

I'll just have to start low, work up slowly, and see what happens. That should give me some idea of where it falls in burning rate and I can go from there.

I'll keep you posted No info available from some of the "local" folks that used it in the past? Nothing is impossible for the person that does not have to do it.

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Originally Posted by TCLouis. I think that many may have experience with this powder but don't know it Bofors powders have not been sold directly to reloaders for some time, perhaps since your batch was made. It is sold in bulk to distributors who can and label it as their own.Vihtavuori offers reloading data for nearly a hundred different handgun and rifle calibers, with numerous bullet options for all kinds of shooting disciplines and needs. Be sure to read all our safety instructions before you begin reloading.

Have you tried our new free mobile app Vihtavuori Reload to help you with reloading process? Read more about the app and download here! Be certain you use the correct data and the specific bullet weight shown.

Caution: When loading handgun cartridges it is vital to maintain the minimum cartridge overall length C. Seek qualified help before proceeding! The traditional sign of overpressure is a flattened primer. When flattened primers start to occur, it is a definite warning that the charge should be reduced, quickly.

Why risk potentially fatal injury? Read also the Reloading Safety Rules on pages 16 and For example: The internal dimensions of a firearm can vary greatly even between two of the same make and model. Pressures can vary to extremes as different firearms are used. Too, changes in ambient temperature can also cause ballistic altering pressures.

Ensure a successful and safe reloading result Vihtavuori offers reloading data for nearly a hundred different handgun and rifle calibers, with numerous bullet options for all kinds of shooting disciplines and needs.It was one of the most popular medium-weight anti-aircraft systems during World War IIused by most of the western Allies as well some captured systems being used by the Axis powers.

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A small number of these weapons remain in service to this day, and saw action as late as the Persian Gulf War. In spite of sharing almost nothing with the original design other than the calibre and the distinctive conical flash hiderthis weapon is also widely known simply as "the Bofors". The Swedish Navy purchased a number of 2-pounder Pom-Poms from Vickers as anti-aircraft guns in The Navy approached Bofors about the development of a more capable replacement.

Bofors signed a contract in late Testing of this gun in demonstrated that a problem existed feeding the weapon in order to maintain a reasonable rate of fire. A mechanism that was strong enough to handle the stresses of moving the large round was too heavy to move quickly enough to fire rapidly. One attempt to solve this problem used zinc shell cases that burned up when fired.

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This proved to leave heavy zinc deposits in the barrel, and had to be abandoned. In the summer of experiments were made with a new test gun that did away with controlled feed and instead flicked the spent casing out the rear whereafter a second mechanism reloaded the gun by "throwing" a fresh round from the magazine into the open breech.

This seemed to be the solution they needed, improving firing rates to an acceptable level, and the work on a prototype commenced soon after. During this period Krupp purchased a one-third share of Bofors. The prototype was completed and fired in Novemberand by the middle of the month it was firing strings of two and three rounds. Changes to the feed mechanism were all that remained, and by the end of the year it was operating at rounds per minute.

Continued development was needed to turn it into a weapon suitable for production, which was completed in October In practice firing rates were closer to 80— rpm 1. The gun was provided with an advanced sighting system. The trainer and layer were both provided with reflector sights for aiming, while a third crew-member standing behind them "adjusted" for lead using a simple mechanical computer.

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Power for the sights was supplied from a 6 V battery. When not in use, the gun was pointed directly up and retracted into a watertight cylinder. The guns were later removed as the subs were modified with streamlined conning towers.Bofors AB is a Swedish arms manufacturer.

bofors powder

The name has been associated with the iron industry and artillery manufacturing for more than years. Located in KarlskogaSweden, the company originates from the hammering trip hammer mill "Boofors", which was founded as a royal state-owned company in The company's first cannon workshop was opened in Bofors' most famous owner was Alfred Nobelwho owned the company from until his death in December The company's name was shortened to AB Bofors in The name Bofors is strongly associated with the 40 mm anti-aircraft gun used by both sides during World War II.

This automatic cannon is often simply called the Bofors gun and saw service on both land and sea. It became so widely known that anti-aircraft guns in general were often referred to as Bofors guns.

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